Three Questions w/ Ada Lee, Executive VP at MedMen - IC³

Previewing The Institutional Capital & Cannabis Conference, March 28-29 in San Jose California. Register here.


My THC Guide: 

As far as speakers & topics, give us a preview of the inaugural Institutional Capital & Cannabis Conference. Looking at the Cannabis Ecosystem as a whole, who would benefit most from attending the event in San Jose March 28-29th?

Ada Lee, Executive VP at MedMen:

The panel of speakers at IC3 reads like a who’s who of investment firms, cannabis operators, anti-Prohibition advocates and industry leaders. The conference is designed around institutional investors who are not yet in the space. These are investors who have long track records of investing successfully in various sectors and are looking for a trusted source and expertise about the cannabis industry. There are a lot of people claiming expertise today, but IMN and MedMen give the conference a lot of credibility.

My THC Guide: 

Talk about the industry insights on investing in cannabis that attendees will receive. What is the mission statement & central goal of the conference?

Ada Lee, Executive VP at MedMen:

The mission is to educate the investor audience. Just like consumers are becoming more educated about the product itself, investors are looking to learn more about the industry; its intricacies, the complex regulatory landscape and the larger trends. We have assembled a comprehensive list of experts who will approach the subject from every possible angle. It is not just about understanding how marijuana is cultivated and how products are manufactured and distributed. You will also get insights from smart capital people who are already in the space like our keynote speaker Chris Leavy, a former chief investment officer at BlackRock. This is the most comprehensive look at how to invest in cannabis today.

My THC Guide:

How could Artificial Intelligence technology benefit the cannabis industry?

Ada Lee, Executive VP at MedMen:

Artificial intelligence will benefit the cannabis industry in the same way it will benefit every other industry. The cannabis industry is not unique in how it utilizes technological innovations. Cannabis cultivation uses innovations from the agricultural sector, for example. Cannabis businesses manage databases like any other business and benefits from software development to that effect. We see AI as another tool.

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