Three Questions with Dhaval Shah, Founder at Canna Syndicates - Equity Crowdfunding

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Share your story, highlight your background as a CannaPrenuer. What lead you to create CannaSyndicates?

Dhaval Shah, Founder at Canna Syndicates:

I started my journey into the cannabis industry a little over two years ago with my first startup, Ganja Boxes. I had the pleasure of going through an accelerator program which allowed me to dive head first into the cannabis industry. When I was trying to fundraise for Ganja Boxes, one of the options I looked into was crowdfunding. I quickly learned I was not allowed to use most of the popular crowdfunding sites due to the fact that I was part of an industry which the federal government considered illegal. Through that experience I came up with the idea for Canna Syndicates: an equity crowdfunding platform for the AgTech industry. Since we are a FinTech technology company, we'll be allowed to have all types of companies fundraise on our platform, including cannabis companies! 

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Break down the opportunity. How will equity crowdfunding change the way cannabis businesses are created?

Dhaval Shah, Founder at Canna Syndicates:

According to Forbes, crowdfunding is on it's way to surpass Angle & VC funding over the next couple of years.  I see the cannabis industry playing a big role in that surge since it is currently the fastest growing industry, even bigger then the dot com boom was. I especially see a surge in equity crowdfunding in the cannabis industry due to Title III of the JOBS Act being passed last year which allows non-accredited investors to invest in companies for the first time. Entrepreneurs will be able to decide for themselves when they are ready to fundraise and use a platform like Canna Syndicates to go out and raise funds on theirs terms. I'm truly excited to see Canna Syndicates shake up the the crowdfunding space especially with cannabis companies! 

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As artificial intelligence technology improves, how will it impact the cannabis industry?

Dhaval Shah, Founder at Canna Syndicates:

I see AI, artificial intelligence, playing a big role on the grow side of things in the cannabis industry. I'm excited to see how AI technology will help growers learn more about their crops and help them grow with better efficiency. A company already doing this in the cannabis space is Grownetics out of Denver, CO which I'm really excited about. I also see AI technology creating a better buying experience for customers online and in-person at retail shops by helping them learn more about the products they buy to even helping them choose the right products for themselves. 


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