Three Questions with: Olivia Harris, Chief Creative Officer LEVO Oil Infusion

LEVO is the first premium kitchen appliance for infusing herbs in butter or oil at home. Purchase Here.

My THC Guide:

Share you story & walk us through start of LEVO Oil. What led to the creation of the world's first automated oil infuser? 

Olivia Harris, Chief Creative Officer LEVO Oil Infusion:

LEVO's founder, Chrissy Bellman, had the lightbulb moment in 2011, while studying abroad. A group of American exchange students were struggling to infuse butter for brownies in their apartment kitchen in Prague. Watching them, she witnessed the difficulty of infusion firsthand. Not only was it incredibly messy, but it was impossible to mask the smell. It took an entire day for them to infuse, and the end product was sub-par. Chrissy realized there had to be a better way to infuse at home, and the concept for LEVO was born.


My THC Guide:

Give us a breakdown of the oil infusion process. What are the benefits of using LEVO Oil and how do you stack up to the competition? 

Olivia Harris, Chief Creative Officer LEVO Oil Infusion:

Using LEVO is similar to making coffee or tea- we employ a steeping method to infuse the nutrients & flavors from your ingredients. Steeping takes place over time with controlled heat. LEVO allows you to choose any amount of time (up to 10 hours) and any temperature (up to 200 degrees) so you can infuse based on your ingredients and your flavor preference. 

LEVO is designed to help consumers choose exactly what they put in their body. Store bought infused oils use chemical solvents to extract flavor and preservatives to lengthen shelf life. We're aiming to help people create fresh, small batch infusion easily at home and avoid over processing. Unlike competitors, LEVO does not require emulsifiers or additives to infuse- we also have a child lock safety mechanism, dishwasher safe components and laboratory stirring, which minimizes the aeration of your infusion (increasing its shelf life!).

My THC Guide:

Highlight your mission statement. What are your plans to scale and why will foodies gravitate to your product?

Olivia Harris, Chief Creative Officer LEVO Oil Infusion:

LEVO is oil infusion, reimagined. We want infusion to be an easy and cost effective way to incorporate the wellness benefits of herbs into your daily life. We have a saying "an herb is an herb is an herb" meaning that no matter what you infuse with- coconut oil and cannabis, basil and olive oil, butter and lavender- you can use LEVO for a multitude of recipes.

Currently LEVO is available on our website, with retail partners to be announced soon. We have exciting plans to expand our offering and evolve into a true lifestyle brand, as well as a voice of education and knowledge for at home herbalists, chefs and practitioners everywhere.


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